Chrystee pharris dating

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Chrystee pharris dating

An exact date isn't given, but that will of course come eventually.

The executive producing team of Cathy Hughes and her production partner Susan Banks conceived and produced the project.

Chrystee Pharris (born March 7, 1976) is an American television and film actress. Pharris left Passions in 2004 in order to be able to pursue a singing career. She appeared on Kenan & Kel as Rudy in the episode Clothes Encounters.

So what better way to exploit the situation than “Queens of Drama,” a Pop series that assembles a group of actresses for the ostensible purpose of trying to produce their own show, but really functions as an excuse to create a reality-style serial on the cheap.

in Theater from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Moreover, Pop is cleverly launching the half-hour format with back-to-back episodes behind its telecast of the Daytime Emmy Awards, which certainly provides the most hospitable platform imaginable to get the goods sampled.

Familiarity with the actresses and their daytime-drama roles isn’t even a requirement, since the project pretty quickly shoehorns them into types, deriving most of the tension from the catty relationship between Lindsay Hartley and Crystal Hunt.

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