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According to court documents, Gallegos chatted with the agent on two occasions in 2006.During those chats, Gallegos expressed that the girl was possibly too young but then went on to suggest how he would like to sexually touch her.

Unfortunately, there are teens — as many at 15 percent — that cannot manage moderate behavior when they engage in sexual activity online and quickly develop compulsive behaviors that can result in addiction.

, a new documentary from Canadian team Melanie Wood and Nick Orchard, explores the rising rates of internet sex addiction in Canada.

According to the film, 8 million North Americans spend more than 11 hours a week – each – pursuing sex online.

I found a few good friends and cybersex partners on Yahoo but now that is closed. Any other sites or FB groups that have genuine people? Which of these individuals turn into our cybersex partners, and why does it matter where we met?

Throughout a normal day, we can see many people and yet we want to find a partner for a new adventure.

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A core of regulars would form, resulting in either a welcoming environment for newbies or an exclusionary, clique-driven hierarchy, depending on where you went. But as one woman observed in the Sex Drive forum, chat has changed.

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