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Andrew , March 6, 2007 (PST) This article reads like a homily, citing many sources that are of borderline relevance.The topic, I think, should be focused on the issue of what various Orthodox sources have to say about sexual issues.A close-knit congregation fractures along gender lines after a catastrophe at their synagogue, in Emil Ben Shimon’s nicely observed dramedy “The Women’s Balcony.” Offering solid, middle-brow entertainment that borrows from Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata,” the film shows the relationships and tensions between different groups within Orthodox Judaism in Jerusalem, and provides a cautionary (and universally understandable) tale about religious fundamentalism.Released in Israel on September 29, it has already notched an impressive 125,000 admissions, and is on track to double that number before the hardtop run ends. Beginning with a bar mitzvah and culminating with a wedding, the film focuses on a community of lively and relaxed Sephardic Jews who enjoy coming together as a community and revere their elderly spiritual leader, Rabbi Menashe (Abraham Celektar).

I would be surprised to find many authoritative writings or sermons referring to it (more on undefined "temptations") but I'm sure they exist.

Postscript from the City: The Eighth Day - by Deacon Andrei Saturday, August 1, 2015 Although I meant to visit to metochion (dependency) of the Athonite St.

Panteleimon's monastery while we were on a field trip (July 14-21), I only made it there between the flights on my way back to Jordanville. Andrew in the 1960s due to inability of the diaspora to send new monks to the Holy Mount; St.

Then I met a couple of parishioners, originally from Moscow region, and felt as though we belonged to one big family.

One of the ladies organized on regular basis here a Russian school. Timothy and Hierodeacon Evlogy, were very hospitable.

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