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" Mikey asked."I'm Kari and Tai is my older brother and, I'm kinda already dating TK. " Mikey asked."That's Gato." Kari said."Hey Gato." Mikey said."You forgot the mon Kari." Gatomon whispered to Kari."He doesn't know about digimon Gatomon." Kari whispered back to Gatomon."Why are you whispering to Gato? Mickey's rival, Mortimer Mouse, is actually Minnie's ex-boyfriend.12.And finally, the most romantic piece of trivia ever: The woman who voiced Minnie, Russi Taylor, married the man who voiced Mickey, Wayne Allwine, in 1991.

Maybe she stopped the encounter, and came to her senses regarding this Steve fellow.And, someone else was going to come into the lives of the Digidestined. I'll see you at school." Mikey said as he walked to the next door. But, uh, no -- after being made fun of for moaning and bed-noise by the other popular kids that occupied the Harrington house that night, it's clear sexy times did, in fact, happen.Thus, it can be concluded that Nancy simply has a weird feeling that her best friend may have been swallowed by a monster that took her to a dark, parallel universe.

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Walt Disney provided the original voices for both Mickey and Minnie from 1929 to 1946.

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