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Here’s a little bit more of what went on backstage: Berry and Ray talked backstage for much longer than what you saw on the reunion. This was all a way for her to put him on blast to make herself feel better about their situation.

At one point, it appeared that he was crying (she definitely was). ” is how she set up the eventually aborted final segment. If Mz Berry wasn’t upset enough, I was upset for her! She basically took the mic and said, “Look, Mz Berry, Imma let you finish but…” But nothing, take your a** back home and chill the hell out, please. I’m excited that Cocktail made the reunion much more entertaining but at the same time, I’m mad at how it ended. 😦 Well, if you’re as upset as I am and want to hear Mz Berry’s side, tune into TALKOFTHETOWN411 at midnight TONIGHT! 🙂 At the beginning of the season, I wrote a post listing five sure-fire ways to seriously find love on a dating show entitled For the Lust of Ray J.

Sonja is the manager for Brandy and Ray, and decides to take a step back in the professional lives of her children.

Will Sonja really be able to stay in the background? The show will feature a behind the scenes look at celebrity siblings Brandy and For The Love of Ray J star, Ray J Norwood, as they try to take their careers to the next level.

You say you want an aggressive woman…” Tanika joked back.

He weeded out all the hoochies, psychos and those who like to “smash the homies”. Berry may come with a little bit of baggage but I don’t think it’s anything that Ray can’t handle.

According to, during the reunion Ray J confesses he still has feelings for Jaguar, another contestant that he eliminated during season two. One contestant also notes that although he hasn't seen Mz.

The couple, who supposedly found romance on the second season of the reality show "For the Love of Ray J," didn't keep the passion going so well -- in fact, they apparently never saw each other after the finale until the reunion show, which was filmed recently. All in all, none of the drama paints Ray J in the most flattering light.

Posted by: Im Global Now So last night Ray J picked Mz.We’ve already covered the women of all three seasons of Flavor of Love, the men of the two seasons of I Love New York, and now we’re here with Ray-J’s brood of women.When Ray J got the opportunity to have his own dating show, he made sure to raise the bar, specifically with his mansion, the quality of dates (no closed KFC) and specifically the quality of women on the show.In the season 2 finale of The Real Housewives of Potomac, titled "Home is Where the Truth Is," the ladies question the real reason for Karen's move, Robyn and Juan discuss their future and the women attend a party and Karen's new home. As Sarah warned Cosima after her encounter with the creature, there's something out there, and it's best for everyone to stay clear of it.Don't go into the woods on the island of Doctor Moreau/P. In recent memory, each season of Big Brother has had at least one "crazy" houseguest.

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