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Sony has released what will very likely be the second to last firmware updates for the Sony Readers.

As part of Sony's plans to shut down the NA branch of the Sony Reader Store and transfer customers to Kobo, they issued an update which replaces the ebook store integrated in the Sony Reader PRS-T1, T2, and T3.

And according to reviews it has a better page turning transitions. But then my roommate got a Kindle Touch Wi Fi and I used it for a while...

The Sony has a 2 GB internal memory up to 32 GB on Micro SD card (Extra Accessory).2- The Kindle library is much better than the Sony's, but I cannot use it in my country at the moment. I like the idea, since for me it is easier, faster and cheaper to get e Books other than hard copies. I may consider a newer version of e-reader at the end of 2013. The PRS-T1 does not feel very sturdy, is difficult to work with outside of Windows (I have a Linux box), and does not like to read from the micro SD card slot. There is a newer version (PRS-T2) but I chose the older because:1- I got it for a very good discounted price.2- The newer version does NOT play audio. Then I will reconsider Kindle and others.e Book readers...

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rupor, Cool Reader, ) PRS-T1_Flasher_minimal_0.31( 94,6 ) PRS-T1_Flasher_minimal 1.67 PRS-T1_Flasher_minimal_1.67( 41,98 ) Cool Reader PRS-T1_Flasher_Cool Reader_3.0.57_15_24_jotas / Cool Reader . : / Orion Viewer PRS-T1_Flasher_Orion_Viewer_0.29.3 / Orion Viewer .

Sony sold e-books for the Reader from the Sony e Book Library in the US, UK, Japan, Germany, Austria, Canada and was reported to be coming to France, Italy and Spain starting in early 2012.

The three most popular formats for ebooks today are the following: PDFMOBI (propietary, used in/for Amazon Kindle)e Pub (open ebook format)The most popular (if you're downloading content), is MOBI, as the most popular e Reader is the Kindle.

But you can easily find software for Windows, Mac or Linux that'll convert between formats, so you should't have to worry much about it.

Es ist der wohl letzte Akt eines ereignisreichen Kapitels deutscher E-Reading-Geschichte.

Die neue Gerätesoftware, erhältlich für den Sony Reader PRS-T1 (Herbst 2011), PRS-T2 (Herbst 2012) und das aktuelle Modell PRS-T3 (Herbst 2013), ersetzt das Reader-Store-Symbol im Hauptmenü durch einen Kobo-Button.

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Auch bei der Desktop-Software Reader for PC und Reader for Mac wurden die Shopverknüpfungen ausgetauscht.

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