Underwriters laboratories dating labels

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Underwriters laboratories dating labels

The Underwriters Laboratories® question, WHY is this device not tested, listed, certified by UL? My name is Katie and I am a customer service professional at UL.

UL sent this email in response to a query by a Florida consumer: From: Customer Experience [email protected] Date: Oct 3, 2011 Subject: Re: Smart meters *Katie King To: ~~~ Dear ~~~, Good day to you!

Want to know right now if your entrances would receive UL labels or Oversize Certificates?

You can find out, in 7 questions or less, on our Certification Wizard Twenty-foot-high elevator entrances?

At first blush, this sounds like the stuff of imagination or a futuristic movie set.

However, this is the current reality at Tower 3 of New York City’s (NYC) World Trade Center (WTC) complex, where a major OEM is in the process of installing 27 such oversized entrances designed and supplied by its strategic supplier, Columbia Elevator Products Co.

We advise consumers to look for the UL label on products to ensure that they have been tested for safety. Any information and documentation involving UL Mark services are provided on behalf of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. [end of email] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Editor’s note, September 2011: FPL confirmed in a recent phone conversation that the GE-manufactured meter being installed now is NOT UL listed – that is, it has not been tested and certified as a safe product by the Underwriters Laboratories®.It is well worth it to make sure that the light fixtures you sell have a UL listing.They come in three varieties: the designation Dry Location applies to fixtures designed to be used indoors, Damp Location means the fixture can be used outside in an area protected from direct contact with water, and Wet Location guarantees the fixture can be used where it comes in direct contact with water, including exterior locations, showers, saunas, etc.In today's world traceability is an imperative part of the manufacturing and production processes especially in the electronics industry.Particularly important is the correct linkage between component and assembly.

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