Updating bios eee pc 4g Dating japanese futanari in us

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Updating bios eee pc 4g

This Eee PC came with a mere 4gb SSD disk drive and 1 gb ram.Microsoft gave me a promotional copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, so I figured I would get it to work on this Eee PC and report how I got it to work.

From the boot device menu, we select the "USB: Patriot Memory" entry. - Change the defualt value of "boot booster" to "disable". - Fix XP Freeze when Battery Capacity fall down to Critical Low.Requirements: The first thing you will need to do is download the newest BIOS for your Eee PC 900A.The shipped version has somewhat poor hardware support, so updating to the most recent version (BIOS 1103 at the time of writing) is a good idea. Plug the Eee PC into a power outlet so that it is not on battery power.

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