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Updating kitchen island

If your cabinets are lack luster and dull, but the doors overall are in good shape, a simple change in kitchen hardware can make an enormous difference.There are a lot of different decorative hardware for any kitchen style available on today's market. The knobs and handles should reflect the quality of your cabinets.So they tested it out with a bit of eggshell black, to see if they liked it black and and they did!I started out with a few quick sketches of the island.Give instant visual interest to your kitchen by mixing and matching multiple materials and textures.In this kitchen, cream-colored custom kitchen cabinets lighten the space and add contrast to the steel stove. To indulge the splurge on marble countertops, these homeowners saved elsewhere by keeping the original room layout and plumbing as is.Rhode Island residents who choose Kitchen Magic enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with a company known for its quality craftsmanship and strong commitment to customer service for more than three decades.

) Nate is a handy guy, but he's never tried this type of project. (and since I have all the tools, he gets the benefit of not having to buy random tools to try out a project). Below are a couple of before pictures of the kitchen island.We worked it out so that I designed the island if he could help me build it, then he would finish it up by patching and paint etc. One of the biggest issues was the granite hanging over an edge without anything to hold it up.It seemed stable and anchored well, but visually it was not working. When we first visited Nate at his new house, we were able to come and visit (while we still lived in Texas) They asked what we would do with the kitchen island and we suggested painting it black to match a little better with the black appliances and dark granite.Hey Guys this is Justin, I wanna tell you about a project I worked on recently.I have a friend named Nate, a brother from another mother, as we like to joke.

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You can go to any home supply store to look at their selection or go a step further by opting for a more special looking knob or handle.

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