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Weeddating com

"I wasn't particularly hoping to meet someone." She laughed and added: "But it would be a perk." The trend has captured national attention and amused farm types.

There are jokes about ending up in a (vegetable) bed on the first date.

You answer questions like: how much do you blaze, do you prefer indica or sativa, are you a gamer, do you believe in ghosts, what about UFOs, do you believe in the soul, and what music do you prefer?

Read the full story » The Waitakere Festival is hosting an event for the Eco West Festival bringing some romance to environmental action!

nz has been a force for the positive for the last nine years in New Zealand, sharing good …

The underlying premise is that It sucks to find out after three super chill dates that your new partner can’t stand pot or people who smoke.

If it’s important to meet someone who won’t judge you for getting high, weed dating apps provide the perfect filter.

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Then, after a short farm tour and instructions from farmers Maggie, Liz, and Holly, the group will be split into pairs to work together to tackle the weeds growing in a row and get to know each other.